EII starts the business with Semiconductor automation system, it has definitive standards for diagnostic testing,automation equipment repair and refurbishment. Our robot service covers a lot of type including PRI、Brooks、Rorze、MECS、JEL……

level-one representative of Centrotherm photovoltaics AG

In semiconductor field, Centrotherm product portfolio includes production systems for thermal processes, such as annealing, oxidation, diffusion, LPCVD,PECVD.They are successfully employed in the semiconductor industry worldwide, offering high-quality process results, low operating costs and maximum throughput. Centrotherm furnace provides a high degree of flexibility for all standard atmospheric and low pressure processes up to 300mm wafers and 200 wafers per batch.


representative of Centrotherm Clean Solutions

EII has extensive cooperation with Centrotherm clean solutions in new energy、medicine manufacturer and semiconductor industry, We already have a lot of applications for the treatment of waste gases interiorly, such as Suntech、NEC、ASMC and Simgui etc.


representative of Oxford Instruments Austin

We have built up cryopump overhual center in Shanghai according to the authorization by Austin Scientific USA.Now we can supply comprehensive refurbishment and overhaul for CTI、Austin OEM pumps.


representative of BINDER-tecsys Kontakte

We have cooperation with BINDER-tecsys Kontakte in the IGBT and power device packaging.



We provide Genmark、MECS、PRI/Equip、Brooks、Rorze、JEL Overhaul.



Business Scope

Business Scope:Centrotherm oxidation、Centrotherm Activator 150、Centrotherm LPCVD、Centrotherm PECVD、VLO6、VLO12、VLO20、VLO180、VLO300、Scrubber、Cryo pump & Compressor、Robot、Controller、Aligner

Product: VLO20、VLO180、VLO300、 Verticoo200、Oxidator 150、Activator 150、Scrubber、 LPCVD、PECVD、MECS Robot、MECS controller、Brooks Z-Bot、Brooks Aligner、Rorze Robot、Rorze Controller、 PRI Robot、PRI Controller、Genmark Robot、Genmark Controller、Pre Aligner、Pre Controller、Cryo pump & Compressor